About Us

Our Team

Writer/Director Yale Apter and Cinematographer Chad Narducci have been making short films and stories since before they were in grade school. Making home movies and experimenting with editing and VFX software have been long standing activity for both creatives since they were young. Director of Photography Chad Narducci has won 4 student Academy Awards. Both creatives are veterans of the online media space having created content in collaboration that has exceeded 75 million views and well over 50,000 watch hours.

Our Story

Since my first year in college I’ve been making youth and young adult content online, this is Yale here. With this project I wanted to go outside the box, I wanted to go adult but maintain the over the top intense fun that I’m used to creating with my talented team. Now, nearly done with my Bachelor degree, I hope to raise funds for the full length feature of this project. With my films I always attempt to touch on the themes found within the family, love relationships and ultimatums spurred by moral conflict.

Meet the Team behind Lancer

Yale Apter

Writer & Director

Yale is a Los Angeles based Writer, Producer and Director. He’s known for co-creating the series Life as a Mermaid and Creating WitchHaven on YouTube.

Chad Narducci

Director of Photography

Chad is a Los Angeles based Director of Photography known for his work on WitchHaven, Life as a Mermaid, and many more incredible projects. He’s currently a Freelance Cinematographer.

Next Steps…

We aim to make a Modest Budget action movie unlike any in the past 20 years. Lancer will touch on themes of the American family, Terror and the thin line between good and evil, what separates warriors from extremists. Join our email list today for updates! And to show your support!

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